Fees and Dues
Fees & Dues
Each new member, upon his or her admittance to the Club, shall remit a one-time entrance fee of $1,000 (and applicable sales taxes) payable to India House Club.
Each member shall maintain good standing by remaining current in all charges, including annual dues (and applicable sales taxes) in accordance with his or her membership Class.

Resident:   $1,585
Transferable:   $1,975
Intermediate (under 40):   $840
Non-Resident A:   $840
Non-Resident B:   $495
Senior Resident:   $455
Annual dues are payable in advance. Resident, Intermediate and Transferable members may pay on a monthly basis, upon written request to the Club General Manager. (The monthly payment option carries a service charge of $10 per month.) Dues shall be payable pro-rata by members newly elected during the course of the calendar year.

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