Classes and Rules
Classes & Rules

Any person over 21 years of age may be proposed and seconded by any two members of the Club. Candidates for election to membership, upon being introduced to at least three Governors, shall be nominated by the Membership Committee at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. New members may enter in one of the several classes of membership for which they qualify:
Resident: Persons residing or having their principal place of business within fifty (50) miles of India House. Resident members enjoy voting rights.
Transferable: Persons who otherwise qualify for Resident membership may elect Transferable membership, enabling the transfer of membership to another person, acceptable to the Membership Committee, in which event the initiation fee will be waived.
Intermediate Resident: Persons under forty (40) years of age may retain such status until the month following their fortieth birthday, when they shall become Resident members.
Senior: Persons sixty-five (65) years of age and over who have maintained good standing as Resident or Non-Resident members for ten (10) years and who have retired from active business or professional pursuits may become Senior Members upon written request to the Executive Committee.
Non-Resident and Overseas: Persons in the United States or Canada neither residing nor having their place of business within fifty (50) miles of India House, but within the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), shall be considered Non-Resident A members; outside the tri-state area persons residing in the United States shall be considered Non-Resident B members; and persons residing outside the United States and Canada shall be considered Non-Resident B members.
Upon election of a candidate, the Club Secretary shall notify the candidate, and also his or her proposer, of the fact and, upon such candidate’s remitting all amounts payable upon such election, the candidate shall be welcomed to the Club with all the rights enjoyed by members of his or her membership Class.

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