House Rules
House Rules

The purpose of the Club is to provide a physical and an organizational setting for members to engage in social and business activity that brings them together with a common interest and purpose. Club management is charged with the duty to ensure the delivery of quality dining during Club hours, as well as facilities and general ambiance in which members may enjoy visiting and entertaining. Both private and public rooms, for dining and meetings, are made available to India House Club members, on a reservation basis administered by the Club’s staff. In connection with the use of Club facilities, members should note the following policies:

Use of Rooms: Members may reserve private rooms, on a first-come, first-served basis, with reservations and specific service requirements to be placed with the Club General Manager or his designee. Rooms may be used for social or business purposes. Room use outside Club hours is subject to reservations made with
Masterpiece. Private rooms are subject to a schedule of room rental charges, per event.

Guests: Members are encouraged to entertain guests at India House. To the extent possible, members are requested to be present when guests are entertained. Members may request a Guest Privilege when they themselves cannot be present. When the member does not attend an event where his or her guests use Club facilities, a “host fee” of $35 will be assessed to the member arranging such use. For guests accompanied by the member, the guest dining fee will be $5 per person.

Hours: The Club shall be open to members and guests daily, Monday through Friday, except for those holidays and other days on which the Club shall be closed as published by the office of the General Manager. Lunch service shall be available on such days between the hours of 11:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M.

Private Dining: Private dining rooms may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis with advance reservations made with the office of the General Manager. Members shall have signing privileges for Lunch and Dinner service. A room rental fee, according to a schedule available from the General Manager, shall be assessed the member arranging the event.

Lodging: While India House does not provide overnight lodging accommodations, the Club's staff will be happy to be of assistance with overnight room necessities at The Wall Street Inn or Club Quarters. Both are located in close proximity to India House. Reservations are required and Club members should be prepared to properly identify themselves as India House members when utilizing the services of these establishments.

Cell Phones: Members shall refrain from using mobile telephones in the Main Dining Room and in the Batavia Room on the Main Dining Room floor. Mobile phone use is permitted on the Lobby Level, in the Willard Straight Lounge, and in private rooms, with discretion to prevail in circumstances where the use of telephone and other communications devices may cause a disturbance to other members and guests using the Club.

Dress Code: India House Club dress is prescribed as “business casual” for ladies and gentlemen as accepted in the New York City business community, with the exception that dining in the Main Dining Room shall require gentlemen to wear jackets and ties, and ladies to be comparably attired. Business Casual dress is acceptable in the Batavia Room on the Main Dining Room level and in the Blue Bar.

Club Property: No artwork, books, periodicals or newspapers shall be removed from the Club premises, it being the intent that all such items are for the enjoyment of all Club members. No works of art may be moved by anyone not authorized to do so by the Club General Manager or by the Art Committee. In arranging rooms for meetings or other functions, nothing shall be affixed to the walls or placed in such proximity to any works of art so as to endanger such works.

Entertainment: No member shall arrange entertainment that would cause offensive disturbance of other members or their guests during Club hours.

Photography: Members are required to adhere to the Club’s strict policy governing reproduction of the Club’s art collection and other items. Advance approval shall be obtained from the General Manager or the Art Committee. Generally, India House does not make available free use of images of the Club’s property for commercial or any other purposes.

Checks and Credit Cards:
Use of Club services are to be settled by charges to member accounts.

Complaints: Service improvement suggestions are welcome, preferably made in writing, directed to the Club General Manager. If appropriate, these will receive the attention of the Executive Committee, with a suitable response.

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